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What is it?

IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) is the examination you’ll need to sit for studying, migration or working. There are two versions of this exam; the Academic and the General – knowing which one you need to take is a crucial first step in reaching that score you need.

The General Training version of the exam concentrates on day-to-day social situations and at work. This test is ideal if you’re looking to spend time in an English- speaking country for work experience, some form of training or even secondary education.

Additionally, if you’re thinking of migrating to Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the UK then you’ll have to take this exam – it’s important to check with each country’s migration requirements about whether there are any specific scores you’ll need.

However, providing you’re looking to undertake some form of academic studies or training then the Academic version of the exam will be more appropriate. This means that in your application process for higher education studies (such as an under- or postgraduate course) or professional registration (such as the GMC or NMC in the UK) you’ll have to achieve an Academic IELTS band score.

For more information about the differences in these exams, you can read about them here.

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