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Cambridge EAP is an organisation of like-minded professionals who offer specialist help to individuals and groups looking to sit an exam that requires English.

We started as a family-run business but now, 5 years later, over 450 students and a success rate of just above 92%, our mission has remained at the centre of everything we do. Whether you're in the UK, or another part of the world, we promise to provide the right tuition and the right material to help you achieve success.

We can provide specialist tuition in four main areas:

  • examination English
  • English for academic purposes
  • business English
  • proofreading articles for journal submission

We meet with clients, individuals, groups and organisations, and spend time to understand their aims and objectives, resulting in tailor-made courses that will help them achieve those goals in an effective and efficient time frame.

Train you to achieve the score you need in an English examination test for university entry, migration to another country, visa, or any other official purpose.
Provide both case-by-case and ongoing language support for you during both under and post-graduate studies; also known as English for Academic Purposes.
Develop a course based on specific language needs, such as dealing with business correspondence, presentations, developing rapport, or even using English more effectively within a work environment.

All the material we provide is based on real situations you find in an English speaking environment to make sure the skills your learn can be applied effectively and confidently. We also aim to personalise the lessons’ objectives and goals to your own background, allowing you to talk about yourself and use that information in a much more natural and comfortable manner.

IELTS (Academic) Overall:8.5 - L:8.5 R:9.0 W:7.5 S:8.0

I am really happy that i passed and thank you a lot for the valuable advices!!! In the exam day, i did some stupid mistakes due to lack of experience regarding the exam conditions, so I wasn’t optimistic about the results. It was such a positive surprise to pass!

Theodora Greece

IELTS (Academic) Overall:7.5 - L:7.5 R:7.5 W:7.5 S:8.0

Thank you so much for your help. Would not have made it without your support.

Edem Ghana

IELTS (Academic) Overall:7.5 - L:7.5 R:7.5 W:7.0 S:7.0

Meanwhile the results for IELTS was reveled on Friday and I passed! I am super super happy, I never expected to get that score and I feel so grateful for your help. Now I have finally finished with my application and free for a month or so.

Ifigenia Greece

IELTS (Academic) Overall:7.5 - L:7.5 R:7.5 W:7.5 S:7.0

Finally I can start my Masters and I never thought an online class would be so effective. I really appreciated all the notes you had sent me and I was able to review these before the exam. You were always honest with me and I realised how important it was to re-write my work, which helped to make me more confident and faster. They were fun classes and I felt like a person and not just a students. Great!
Wendel Taiwan

FCE Overall: A

Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to speak English! When I came to the UK I knew I needed to pass the FCE exam for a job, but now I have, I've managed to find a great job here and life is much better. Thank you again! I can feel that Cambridge is my home now.

Manuel Spain

IELTS (Academic) Overall:7.5 - L:8.5 R:8.0 W:6.5 S:6.5

I felt that I had improved remarkably in the first term, not only for writing and speaking, but also for reading. Knowing the structure and the logic of writing articles helps me comprehending, and maybe that is why I can get an 8 for that part of my IELTS. What I have learned from you is more than academic English; you also gave us some positive attitude towards our masters and perusing knowledge.I guess I never regret continuing. Thank you for everything!

Charlene Taiwan

IELTS (Academic) Overall:7.0 - L:6.5 R:7.0 W:7.0 S:8.0

Merry Christmas Andi, I've got my results last Friday and I'm so happy about it. I am thankful before of my writing result as this will give me an opportunity to register for my nursing course in the UK. Thank you so much!

Windel Indonesia

IELTS (Academic) Overall:8.0 - L:8.5 R:8.0 W:8.0 S:8.0

What I really want to tell you is that you are a wonderful person, Andi!! You are interesting, charming, energetic, and optimistic!! I learned a lot from you, about IELTS as well as about life. This summer was one of the most worthy summertimes I have ever had - to get to know a group of excellent and kind-hearted people. I was very happy this summer knowing I can finally go to university. Thank you, Andi.

Janet Taiwan
I’m 25 years old and spent six months in Cambridge working and studying. I very much Andi as a teacher for anyone who wants to improve their English as the experience I had with him was very satisfying. He doesn’t sit down in front of the book and let you do exercises while watching, instead he focused on my weaknesses making all the difference when I took my exams. I think he is perfect for preparing the Cambridge ESOL exams as he knows each part of CAE and will you help to obtain the score you need.
Miguel Spain

IELTS (Academic) Overall:6.5 - L:7.0 R:7.0 W:6.5 S:6.5

I travelled from Taiwan to Cambridge to join Andi's short master IELTS course (for six weeks). My score in Writing was too low (5.5) and it was my last chance to raise it to 6.5 so that I could study in the UK this year in London. With his help, I was able to succeed and also felt much more confident with English - both in writing and speaking. If anyone has any doubt about his style of teaching, they shouldn't worry. Andi really helped me with my future! .

Hung-Wen Taiwan

IELTS (Academic) Overall:7.5 - L:7.0 R:8.0 W:7.0 S:8.0

I would like to inform you that at last I have passed the exam. I have 7.5 overall, 7 for Listening and Writing and 8 for Reading and Speaking. Thank you so much for your professionalism and moral support!

Nellia Russia

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